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Origami Owl Hostess Exclusive Revealed

origami owl hostess exclusive

The Origami Owl Hostess Exclusive for January through March 2014 has been unveiled! In order to receive this exclusive all you need to do is host a qualified Jewelry Bar that consists of at least $125 in sales and a minimum of four separate orders. Which by our standards is easy when the average Jewelry Bar is $500+. It’s even easier to splurge on yourself with Origami Owl when you get free product and half off items based on your party sales. It couldn’t be easier to gain some fabulous Hostess perks!

Jewelry Bar Hostess Exclusive

This quarter’s Hostess Exclusive features our EXCLUSIVE Enamel Twist Locket (not available for regular purchase) and Link Locket Bracelet Chain (BR1002), a Medium Silver Dream Plate (PS2003), a Teal Accent Crystal (CH1809), an Aqua Handbag Charm (CH1642), a Closed-Toe Heel Charm in Silver (CH1632), a Bright Eyed Owl (CH1016), and a Clear Round Crystal (CH3004) for that perfect touch of sparkle.

We Love Our Jewelry Bar Hostesses

Don’t miss out and let this opportunity slip away. Book a Jewelry Bar with The Lauras today and make it easy to get everything on your Wish List – guilt free! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU! We don’t do big long spiels because we want to do what your guests really want and that’s to play with our jewelry without the added pressure that some Direct Sales companies use in today’s market. So whether it’s mimosas and muffins on a Saturday morning or a girl’s night out with your favorite wine, we want you to be a part of it and have you simply enjoy yourself.

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